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Are you looking for a different type of personalization service?

Alínea Store is only a branch of our company. Get to know more about our work. You can contact our design department at for queries related to the services below.

  • Logo Creations

    A logo is how a brand communicates with its customers, it's the brand's visual identity. The key is to build a strong visual system through which the brand will be recognised in the market.
  • Business Cards

    A business card is a way of communicating with the customer. We offer designs and printing with many types of finishes to match your needs and type of business.
  • Menus

    For menus we offer a variety of products with different finishes, personalized and more exclusive formats for each customer.
  • Vehicle Decoration

    Vehicle decoration is the best way of conveying your brand to the customer, wherever you are. You can choose between partial decoration or complete wrap.
  • Storefront Decoration

    We have several solutions for storefront decorations, including printed vinyl with glossy or matte finish, UV printing, micro perforated, frosted vinyl, or cut vinyl.

  • Stationery

    It's through some of these products that most of your communication reaches the customer. Build your brand and present it to your customers in a consistent way.
  • CNC Cut / Laser

    CNC cut lettering gives a new life to façades and offices and it's a more durable option than printing. The prominence of the letters is also an advantage over printing.
  • Exterior Advertisement and Illuminated Signs

    A way to identify your business or brand towards your customer. The structures are built according to our customer's needs.
  • Textile Customization

    Customized products for companies and businesses, allowing to present a uniform image towards the customer.
  • Wall Decorations

    This type of decoration gives personality to your interior or exterior spaces and can be applied on several types of materials.
  • Car Dealership

    A variety of items for car dealerships to help you identify your brand towards the customers who buy your cars.
  • Gifts

    Gifts for companies and small businesses are an excellent way to carry marketing activities and delight consumers.

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